Product innovation at Krepel

Big news! From 2020, Krepel will be offering even more possibilities in the field of luxury packaging. "We're going to be combining wood with cardboard. With this, we’ll be offering a brand new solution in the packaging sector," says Bernhard Krepel, Managing Director of the Krepel Group. "It's all still in its infancy, but the possibilities are very promising. We can support our customers even more in creating distinctive luxury packaging."

Delivering added value

"Offering cardboard solutions will be an addition to our current services. The way in which we’ll combine wood and cardboard will be unique. We expect it to be of interest to both existing and new customers," says Sławomir Ćwikła, Managing Director of Krepel's production site in Poland. He explains that the benefit to customers is twofold: "On the one hand we’re offering a very attractive product and on the other, it will be interesting from a cost point of view. Customers come to us for a unique luxury packaging that perfectly matches their brand identity. The arrival of cardboard solutions makes this option more accessible to a wider target group, while remaining true to our core business: creating packaging that adds value to our customers' brand equity."


Krepel now has a machine with which a cardboard substrate can be prepared for connection at an angle of exactly 45 degrees. The first samples and small series of packaging made of wood and cardboard are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2020. "As our customers have come to expect from us, we also offer a wide range of personalisation options for our new products

In the new year, we will of course let you know about the new possibilities in the field of luxury packaging.


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