Our designers in the spotlight

Did you know that Krepel has its own 3D design department? Thanks to this department, we can serve our clients even better, we are able to create even more beautiful products, we can continue to innovate and we can save time. In order to achieve a perfect design, the sales, production and design departments all work closely together. It’s about time we introduced our designers to you! Our colleagues Marcin and Sławek are responsible for creating the 3D visualisations within Krepel.

“Our 3D department was created on the one hand, from the demand of our clients, and on the other, from the need to be able to work with our new modern equipment. Clients expect to be able to see what the packaging will look like before the prototype is ready. This means all the details can be discussed beforehand and allows our designers to adjust things even before the prototype is made. The hand-drawn designs that we used to work with were not as accurate. This way of working was also a very time-consuming. By using visualisations, the design and production process can be carried out much faster and more accurately", says Sławomir Ćwikła, Managing Director at our office in Poland, where the 3D design department is also located.

At home in any market

The fact that Marcin and Sławek used to work in the production halls means that they know exactly how to combine the expectations of clients with aesthetics, functionality and the production facilities. Sławomir: "Every design we create shows a box that we can actually make. For us, design is never just a theoretical sketch. That is the strength of our designers.”

That makes us proud

Sławomir: "Because we keep innovating and our departments work closely together, it is possible to create innovative and exceptional products and designs that set us apart from our competitors. Our products, for example, are impressive thanks to aesthetics, technical innovations and the use of new materials. That makes us proud!” As a supplier of timeless wooden packaging, we can continue to innovate simply by listening to our customers. Of course, we also keep a close eye on market developments.

The greatest challenge

Our clients want to be surprised, and it is up to us to do that. “Often, they know they want something new, but usually there is no vision or clear idea. They come to us for good and surprising ideas. The greatest challenge is always to ensure that our ideas fit in seamlessly with the wishes and tastes of our clients. It is essential, therefore, that we collaborate both with colleagues and with our clients. Together we can create the perfect product”, explains Sławomir.

Future plans

The design department where Marcin and Sławek work will definitely be strengthened in the coming period by new colleagues. This is absolutely necessary as our production volume, the number of machines we use and the number of customers continue to increase. The development of graphic programs and computers gives our designers the opportunity to use the latest equipment. “This stimulates the creative process of our people!”, concludes Sławomir.