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Worldwide shortage

The raw materials market has been in turmoil for some time now. Due to the global crisis as a result of Covid 19, sawmills have not been operating at full capacity and, therefore, wood has become increasingly scarce, mainly because so many DIYers have now finally found time to work on their houses. The world surely loves wood. The worldwide wood shortage affects private individuals as well as all sectors where wood is used. A good relationship with suppliers is therefore essential.

A good relationship with suppliers

Krepel is a family business that likes to invest in a good relationship with both customers and suppliers. This is something we have always done. It ensures that you can rely on each other. We like to go the extra mile for our customers, and our suppliers do the same for us. Despite the enormous shortage, we still get the wood we need for the production of our wooden packaging.


We are making every effort to continue to guarantee the availability of wood. “We're lucky to have such a good relationship with our suppliers, so that we can still get the wood we need. As prices are currently going through the roof, we try to keep the costs as manageable as possible to maintain a reasonable selling price. For example, in consultation with our customers, we look for less expensive alternatives, whilst guaranteeing the quality of our products. We can still deliver, but the longer delivery times and rising purchase prices do create some challenges for us. We regret that our delivery times are now longer than usual,” says Bernhard Krepel, Managing Director of Krepel.

We keep in close contact with our clients and we will, of course, personally update you on developments relevant to your situation.