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Simplistic and stylish: packaging for Plivio

The wooden packaging should always perfectly match the product we are packing, that is one of our starting principles. But for Plivio, we went a step further. The wooden packaging became part of the product.

Every detail is right

“For Plivio, we made a sleek and very minimalist box. It is a simple design, but in combination with the product it creates a beautiful look in which every detail is just right,” explains Antoon Pelgrim, sales manager at Krepel. Plivio produces 'imagineering sets.' Unique boxes containing 3D construction sets with aluminium tubes, twistable figures and handy, modular connections. Krepel has made boxes for two different versions: the entry-level model 'the box' and 'the master box' for advanced users.

Packaging for playful design

Plivio is a so-called playful design that challenges adults to rediscover their innate playfulness. The design is minimalistic and sleek but offers a host of options for making all kinds of constructions and connections. “The development of the 3D construction sets has taken several years. It was not easy to find the right suppliers who could offer the required quality within the correct tolerances. In addition, we were constantly optimising and improving the constructions and the required components,” says Hein Wille, founder of Plivio. By perfecting and listening to feedback from the market, they developed a smaller version alongside 'the master box', the entry-level model 'the box'.

The wooden box is part of a creative construction

Plivio is a product in which spatial insight, imagination and creativity come together. “We call it 'imagineering', one word that says it all,” explains Hein Wille. “We are also indirectly saying that the possibilities are endless, so we wanted to make it possible to involve the packaging in the constructions. In order to build solid and stylish constructions, the manufacturing of the packaging required precise craftsmanship from Krepel. The tolerances necessary to achieve the right clamping between clamping parts and the edge of 'the box' involved tenths of millimetres.”

Part of the development process

The small figures that are part of the 'imagineering' sets can also be clicked precisely onto the edge of 'the box'. For the smaller version, no partition walls were used, which further emphasises the simplicity of the design. “We find it important that the contents of the boxes always stay in place, which is why we now use tubes that can only fit into the box in one particular way. Having Krepel as part of the development process, was a real must. Thanks to the excellent collaboration, we were able to create a box where everything is right, down to the last detail. The figures and some parts click flawlessly onto the edge and the appearance of the box embodies what Plivio is all about. The boxes may seem minimalistic, but they are beautiful in their simplicity,” says Hein Wille. “Besides that, working together with Antoon was very pleasant. He contributed ideas and was very clear about what is possible and what is not. I had no previous experience with wooden boxes, so his support and advice was incredibly important to me in the development phase."


The Plivio imagineering sets will be available in such places as design shops, museum shops and the better bookshops.

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