Renovations spring 2022

Several renovations are scheduled for our production location in Poland this year. For example, the current incinerator will be replaced after 20 years and a silo will be installed. Krepel has been working completely gas-free for years now and these renovations enable us to work even more environmentally friendly and we meet the most stringent standards.

We have been using wood waste as heating fuel for years. “In the past, it was only possible to burn solid wood. The new incinerator, which will be installed in the spring of 2022, can also burn other wood-based materials, such as plywood or MDF. This means we can really use all our residual materials for heating purposes”, says Sławomir Ćwikła (Managing Director at Krepel in Poland).

More power and more environmentally friendly

Apart from the fact that there is even less residual waste, we provide the paint department with process heat and we can make the process even more environmentally friendly. The modern incinerator with a capacity of 600KW is not only stronger compared to the old model, but also much more efficient. “Our storage and production areas have been expanded by a few thousand square metres in recent years. We currently need to heat approximately 4,200m2, including our offices. The new system takes care of the entire heating”, Sławomir explains.

By applying a higher combustion temperature, a longer process and a modern filtration system, it is possible to reduce the emission of harmful substances by more than 90%. Thanks to an automatic emission measurement in the incinerator, we don’t exceed the applicable EU standards either. In fact, we meet the most stringent standards.

Continued automation

“Whereas until now employees filled, stored and transported bags with ash and sawdust by hand to the incinerator, this will soon be fully automated. It makes the process much more efficient. The new silo has a capacity of 300m3. This ensures waste materials can be stored in a single safe place. In addition, a fully automatic supply of wood fuel (ash and sawdust) to the incinerator is made possible thanks to the installation of an ash transport system that runs directly from the sawdust extractor to the silo. The installation of a wood chipper also improves the process”, says Sławomir.


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