Krepel launches unique printing possibilities thanks to new UV printing technology

Imagine: the letters of your company name seem to pop out of the wooden packaging, printed images come to life and your logo has more depth than ever before. We will soon be able to realise this thanks to the investment in a special new UV printer. This model prints faster, with even better quality and can print with a unique 3D effect. With this, we are taking a big step forward in our industry and we are a leader in Europe in the field of UV printing technology on luxury wooden packaging. All of these new features will be available this autumn.

“The options that the new UV printer offers in terms of quality, finish and personalization are enormous,” says Sławomir Ćwikła, Managing Director of our production site in Poland. “Images, text and logos are now printed in even more detail, colour and brilliance on the different types of wood we use. But the most special thing about this printer is the 3D effect you can create with it. This allows you to make certain details from images, letters or logos stand out.” 

Voorbeeld nieuwe UV printer 4

How it works

The 3D effect that will soon be possible thanks to the new UV printer gives our packaging a completely new dimension. But how does this technology work? Sławomir: “A standard UV printer contains four colours of ink: black, blue, yellow and red. In addition, white ink is used as a base layer. This is also the case with our new printer, but it also contains transparent white lacquer that allows us to print an extra layer in certain places. This creates the 3D structure. This is not only possible on wood, but also on other materials such as glass, leather or paper.”

“Here in Poland we’re already preparing to start using the new printer soon. Of course, we’ll make full use of all the new possibilities! We’re looking forward to really getting to work for our customers this autumn,” says Sławomir. 

Voorbeeld nieuwe UV printer 1

Of course, we’ll keep you informed in our newsletter and on the website when the new UV printing technology is available.  

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