Krepel invests in new sustainable and efficient spraying line 

The paint department at our production site in Poland has a new employee. And not just someone! Our new, durable and super-efficient spraying robot paints a large proportion of our cases now. This allows us to deliver even faster and the lacquering quality is much more stable. Curious to see how the lacquering of our products looks like now? Then click on the video below!

Laklijn 2

“We're always looking for ways to produce in a more sustainable manner. But we’re also searching for solutions to make our production process even more efficient," says Sławomir Ćwikła, Managing Director of our production site in Poland. "At a trade fair, we came across this spraying line that can paint 20-30 cases at once. When we saw what it can do, we knew: we have to invest in this. The lacquering line we acquired was made especially for us. Completely tailored to our products and requirements."


The new spraying line has a lot of advantages. It works faster than human hands ever could and can also be used 24 hours a day. In addition, the paint is applied very evenly to all sides of the box. As a result, the quality is perfect and always the same. 


In terms of sustainability our new ‘bot' is also a good match for Krepel. Sławomir: "The lacquer is sprayed very efficiently and, as a result, we save considerably on the amount of lacquer needed. Moreover, the machine itself ensures that the lacquer that does remain from a particular can is mixed with a new can. This means that literally nothing is wasted.”

Three types of lacquer

Our new advanced spraying line has three different options when it comes to finishing. For example, you can choose to have your Krepel case sprayed with thin and breathable nitro lacquer. Or instead go for the strong and pliable polyurethane lacquer. Looking for a sustainable alternative? Then go for our water-based lacquer.
In addition to lacquer, Krepel has many other finishing options for our products. All these options can be found here