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Custom production. Elsewhere a dream, at Krepel a fact. You feel it as soon as you glide your fingers along the refined contours of Krepel’s wooden cases. No item is too small, too large, too common or too unique that Krepel cannot perfect it by designing a suitable case. We make what doesn’t yet exist. We deliver what no one has thought of.

We work with a range of woods, including okoume, cedar, beech, poplar, alder, mahogany and walnut. Woods that have their own special qualities and unique characteristic scents, colours and structures. Combined with the numerous options that we offer in the field of interiors and finishing, an almost endless pallet of luxury wooden presentation cases is created.

The interior of our cases is naturally of the same high quality as the cases themselves. Natural materials and an almost self-evident simplicity in the design accentuate the objects you present, stylishly and with eminence.

In addition, there are many options for printing. Thanks to the use of the most up-to-date techniques, we can provide your luxury wooden presentation case with printing in an infinitely inspiring variety of colours.

Krepel is specialised in translating your wishes within the specified constraints. Our specialists provide expert advice on the right type of wood, colour scheme, interior and which details best suit your premium products.