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As every year, Krepel will be closed for three weeks during the summer period. This year it is from 29 July to 16 August. During this summer closure, our employees will be enjoying their well earned holidays.
Unfortunately, we cannot be reached during the summer closure. On Monday 19 August we will be back and ready to be of service to you. For now, we wish you a very nice summer holiday!

Limited edition painter's box


Royal Talens celebrates the Year of Rembrandt

2019 is the year of Rembrandt. He died exactly 350 years ago and is now remembered as the greatest master of the Golden Age. There are many initiatives to mark the Year of Rembrandt. For Royal Talens, 2019 is extra special: 120 years ago they introduced the Rembrandt painters' brand. So it's a double anniversary. To celebrate this, Royal Talens, in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum, has launched a unique limited-edition painter's box that is jointly dedicated to the artist and the Rembrandt paint brand.


Everything about the box is special

Even at first glance, the box is quite impressive. But when you take a closer look and understand the meaning of all the unique elements and details, you’ll agree with us that this box is truly a collector's item. Only 120 copies were produced, most of which were sold within a day.

The icing on the cake

"Everything has a meaning. In the box, you’ll find 120 colours, which refers to the anniversary of the Rembrandt paint brand. As well as the fact that only 120 boxes have been produced, all with a unique number. Namely, the years from 1899 to 2019", says Willemijn Brinkman - International Brand Manager at Royal Talens. "The box had to be really special. It was decided, therefore, that the Rembrandt 'R' on top of the box would be made of real gold. This was the icing on the cake!" The box is highly detailed. ‘Something really needs to happen when you open the box’, was part of the brief for designer Bas van den Hurk. And indeed it does!

The video shows how the box works.

The design

The Rembrandt brand from Royal Talens is very traditional, but also very contemporary. Young talented artists from all over the world work with this paint. The dark classic box fits nicely with the traditional aspect of the brand. Yet the sleek design and the bright orange artwork in combination with the golden R makes the whole thing very contemporary.

Sold out in a day and a half

Willemijn: "We thought it was all very exciting. We hadn't done anything like this before, with a price tag of € 3,500, they are pretty expensive boxes. The first box was quickly sold by one of our sales people to a customer in Asia. "This customer bought the box based on its special story, the design and their trusted association. The orders just kept flying in after that. All the boxes were sold out within a day and a half! What's more bizarre, the box hadn't even been made at that point." The box was officially launched at the Frankfurt trade fair in January, for which, one box was made.

Wonderful collaboration

"Krepel was the perfect match for this unique box. They contributed some great ideas and were very flexible. They never said anything was impossible, and fully lived up to that promise. A small compartment was milled out for each and every tube of paint. The 'R' on the front of the drawers were also carefully milled out, one by one. It all looks so pristine. The colour of the circle came out exactly the same as in the design. I was very anxious to see how that would turn out. Thankfully, it turned out to be just as beautiful and impressive as we had hoped," says Willemijn.


World Money Fair

mf Medium

We will be at the World Money Fair in Berlin between 01 and 03 February 2019. You are most welcome at our boot B17!

Wooden packaging for hand tools

Sneeboer’s craft: forging tools

Sneeboer is a family-run business in the Netherlands that has been making garden tools of the highest quality for more than 100 years. Made of stainless steel and hand-forged. 100% craftsmanship! Sneeboer combines craft with innovation. Examples include developing innovative tools to make life easier and reviving forgotten tools. That’s also one of the reasons why we like working with Sneeboer so much. “Sneeboer is a fantastic family business with plenty of common ground with Krepel in terms of craftsmanship and sustainability, for instance”, says Antoon Pelgrim, Sales Manager at Krepel.


A family-run business with a passion for craft

When the Sneeboer family talks about their profession, you’re listening to 100% passion! Their products are of incredible quality, which is quite logical according to Wilma Peelen and Jaap Sneeboer (the owners of Sneeboer). “We know what we’re doing. I guess you can compare it to a chef, he also knows exactly which ingredients to put in a dish. And so do we. Everything is made and tested in our own “kitchen”.” According to Wilma, the forging of the tools is very much a trick of the trade. “The forges are and always will be the heart of our business. That’s the strength of our tools. Forging isn’t something anyone can start doing just like that, it's a true craft. It takes years for a smith to get the hang of it. You have to know exactly when a scoop has the right hardness, for instance, you have to sense it and that takes experience”, Wilma says.

Diversity in tools across the world

With more than 200 different tools, Sneeboer has a very wide product range. “That’s not so strange”, Wilma explains. “We have an international customer portfolio. There is a lot of diversity in tools in the various countries. And we offer both newly developed tools and tools that have been used for decades, such as the Old Dutch Plant Trowel. It’s a favourite hand tool which we redesigned and which is always used to plant bulbs at Keukenhof (a typically Dutch park full of flowers and highly popular with tourists).”

Popular gifts

The hand tools are the most popular. “They make very nice gifts too. That's why we offer various gift sets, from a children’s set to an exclusive titanium set that was made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sneeboer in 2013. Krepel Timeless Wooden Packaging takes care of the packaging for these products, among others”, Wilma says.

Collaboration with Krepel

Our collaboration started with the development of a maintenance box, which resulted in a wonderful product. “We deliberately opted for Krepel as the supplier of our wooden packaging”, Wilma says. “Krepel came up with ideas and gave us the opportunity to start out on a small scale. We thought that was really wonderful. The contact we have is also very pleasant, there’s always room for new challenges and they come up with ideas about sustainable applications, for instance. The wooden packaging in itself is a fantastic sustainable choice as customers won’t throw it away but will use it to keep their tools in. And it’s made of FSC wood, which is also mentioned on the packaging. We think it's important for customers to know where our products come from. In the future, we will definitely do more projects with Krepel.”

The added value of 3D design

Our designers in the spotlight

Did you know that Krepel has its own 3D design department? Thanks to this department, we can serve our clients even better, we are able to create even more beautiful products, we can continue to innovate and we can save time. In order to achieve a perfect design, the sales, production and design departments all work closely together. It’s about time we introduced our designers to you! Our colleagues Marcin and Sławek are responsible for creating the 3D visualisations within Krepel.

3D V02

Breathtaking design

We regularly work on beautiful projects, but the presentation case that was designed by Van Heertum Design and commissioned by Aurum Brothers is truly a special item. Aurum Brothers make wrist jewellery from natural stone, silver and gold, in which craftsmanship and history play an important role. The Varnos Collection comprises the latest jewellery being offered by the company. It is a unique design, which also demanded a unique packaging so that a truly total experience could be created. And we succeeded!
aurum brothers

ProSweets Cologne

It is the only trade fair of its kind in the world: ProSweets Cologne. This trade fair brings together all the specialists in the confectionery and snack food industry. Here you will find inspiration for innovative ingredients, for optimising your production process and for unique packaging. Krepel Timeless Wooden Packaging will be present during ProSweets 2018 and will be exhibiting the very latest in luxury wooden packaging for confectionery.
Be inspired by the latest trends and visit ProSweets Cologne from 28 January to 31 January 2018. You can order a free ticket for the event
Stand: J024



Luxepack Monaco 2017

This year too, the Grimaldi Forum will be hosting the LUXE PACK MONACO, which is held on 02, 03 and 04 October. Three days to discover the latest international trends in the fields of luxury packaging. Allow yourself to be amazed in terms of creativity and innovation. Naturally, Krepel will also be at this trade fair. Stand number: AB 21)


Van Vollenhoven prize for Klarenbeek country estate

The Krepel family received the Pieter van Vollenhoven prize. The gave the former sawmill of the box factory a new purpose. In this article you can read more about the possibilities of Klarenbeek country estate and the meaning of the prize.

van vollenhoven prijs

Together we aspire to innovation

Our client list is diverse and consists of extraordinary organizations. One of them is Republica del Cacao, located in Ecuador. A manufacturer and supplier of high-quality chocolate at which innovation has a high priority. Read how our packaging contributes. >>

republica del cacao

Joining forces for quality products

A good cooperation with our customers is extremely important to us. Because only when you join forces, you get the best results. That is the reason we like to deliver customized products and solutions. An example of joining forces is our cooperation with Royal Agio Cigars. Read more about this partnership >>

royal agio cigares

As every year, Krepel will be closed for three weeks during the summer period. This year it is from 29 July to 16 Augu... Read more ->
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Sneeboer’s craft: forging tools Sneeboer is a family-run business in the Netherlands that has been making garden tools ... Read more ->
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