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Sustainability plays a very important role within our organisation. We are very aware of the fact that we work with a natural product. And that’s why we are economical with our most important raw material – wood. Where possible, every last piece of wood is used and incorporated into one of our luxury wooden cases. The remaining waste wood is used as biomass for our modern furnace. This furnace is used to heat our factories and offices. Naturally, this sustainable approach to using our prime raw material generates cost savings. But equally important is the fact that, by making the most of this raw material, we draw CO2 from the air. After all, wood acts as a carbon sink and by processing it we lock in CO2.

FSC® Quality Mark
To highlight this vision, Krepel has the FSC® certificate and we can deliver FSC®-certified luxury wooden cases on request. The FSC® quality mark guarantees that the wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests. The whole chain from forest to end-user is strictly controlled. In addition, our company in the Netherlands uses green electricity and we have the Green Guarantees certificate.

We work in harmony with our surroundings and therefore support projects in our immediate environment as well as elsewhere in the Netherlands. We do this in collaboration with, for example, Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission), which is committed to the sustainable management of forests and the natural environment. One of the projects we are involved in is the Bentwoud – a large nature reserve under development near the town of Zoetermeer. Here, a landscape is being created consisting of woodland, water features, marsh and grassy meadows in the interests of recreation and the natural environment. Krepel is paying for the planting of one hectare of woodland. www.bentwoud.info

The future
The development of sustainable business is a continuous process within our enterprise. Krepel not only monitors developments; together with the whole chain, it is also making its knowledge available in order to gain new insights.