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Functional, but beautiful. We provide endless possibilities in hinges and fasteners. From classic in a brass color for instance, to modern in Chrome or Stainless Steel. Stapled or screwed into the luxury cassette. Or how about an almost invisible fastener by applying a magnet fastener? In addition, for larger numbers, we can even personify a fastener by engraving your name or logo on it. You name it, we will always have the suitable solution.

corners Custom
corners2 Custom
handle Custom
handle2 Custom
handle3 Custom
lock1 Custom
lock2 Custom
lock3 Custom
lock4 Custom
lock5 Custom
lock6 Custom
lock7 Custom
lock8 Custom
lock9 Custom
lock10 Custom
lock11 Custom
lock12 Custom
lock13 Custom
lock16 Custom
lock17 Custom
magnet Custom
twist to open Custom
angled hinge Custom
pocket2 Custom
pocket3 Custom
screwed Custom
side rail hinge Custom
spring hinge Custom
standard hinge Custom
standard hinge1 Custom
three point Custom
three point 2 Custom