We regularly work on beautiful projects, but the presentation case that was designed by Van Heertum Design and commissioned by Aurum Brothers is truly a special item. Aurum Brothers make wrist jewellery from natural stone, silver and gold, in which craftsmanship and history play an important role. The Varnos Collection comprises the latest jewellery being offered by the company. It is a unique design, which also demanded a unique packaging so that a truly total experience could be created. And we succeeded!

The presentation case features a breathtaking design (provided by Van Heertum) and is crafted with such a fine eye for detail that many fall silent when seeing and opening the box for the first time. That’s how we felt too. We are extremely proud of this beautiful packaging, which has been created thanks to a superb collaboration between three passionate companies that are deeply committed to craftsmanship.

Natural materials and exquisite design

“The presentation case is exactly what we’d hoped for! The use of natural materials, the way you open it and the exquisite design fit perfectly together," says Nelleke Kuiper (Aurum Brothers). "The first edition of the Varnos Collection has a Roman theme and includes symbols that were important to the Romans. Each symbol tells its own story. The different types of polished stones that we employed were also being used back then by the Romans.” All the jewellery is custom made by Aurum Brothers for their customers. They supply to more than 120 countries worldwide. America is currently the largest market for the Dutch company.

Eye for detail

On the case is a circle divided into points. These points are designs based on the stones most commonly used by Aurum Brothers. "An extra nice detail is that the block in the middle of the case can be taken out. When you wear the bracelet, you don't have to put the whole case on your bedside table. You simply place the block from the case on your bedside table," Nelleke adds.

Mutual enthusiasm

Krepel and Van Heertum are no strangers to each other. When Aurum Brothers first talked to Van Heertum about a wooden case, Krepel was soon in the picture. To the complete satisfaction of Aurum Brothers: "We clicked immediately with our contact Antoon, and soon noticed that he was just as enthusiastic and driven as we are. It worked really well. This kind of mutual enthusiasm always produces the best results. Thanks to this enthusiasm and Krepel's working method, we feel special and not just another customer placing an order, which is something that we value highly.”